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You value your time, you enjoy personalized professional service, you need to focus on what you do (operate your business), you know we are a partner that you can trust, and you know us on a first name basis.


Why JPLI for Business?

  1. You need to know the numbers and you need to know we know the numbers.
  2. You want an objective view – we want you to be happy with the product. We are neutral on the type of vehicle you drive.
  3. You value our experience in the field
  4. You  value your time – we do the leg work
  5. You typically drive a little (<10,000 kms per year) or drive a lot (>40,000 km per year) otherwise manufacturer programs may be better than JPLI.

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Why JPLI for Individuals?

  1. You  value your time – we do the leg work
  2. You want to know the numbers
  3. You want an objective view – we want you to be happy with the product. We are neutral on the type of vehicle you drive.
  4. You typically drive a little ( < 10,000 kms per year) or drive a lot ( >40,000 km per year) otherwise manufacturer programs may be better than JPLI.


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"I have been working with JPLI, more specifically Lindsay Lessor since 2011 in my roles at Apollo Gold Corporation and more recently at Walden Group. Throughout this time, Lindsay and JPLI have consistently provided an excellent level of customer service, providing updates and information both promptly and seamlessly. They provide expert guidance on the proper vehicle specification, offer competitive pricing and a turnkey fleet management solution, alleviating the inflated maintenance cost of vehicles and delivering trucks ready to hit the road. More recently JPLI have provided opportunity for Walden specific to equipment dealings and third party finance options for our customers. JPLI has proven itself repeatedly in my dealings with them. I would highly recommend their service and offering for both vehicle fleet management and equipment. "
— Ryan Lougheed, General Manager, Walden Group of Companies

"I have dealt with Jim Peplinski Leasing for more than 10 years. Throughout our relationship they have provided outstanding service and value. Their understanding of our business needs and the ability to respond quickly and efficiently has made it a pleasure to do business with them. I would not hesitate to recommend Jim Peplinski Leasing."
— Bill Weninger, the Docktor Group

"Our first ever lease was done with Jim Peplinski Leasing. We were always unsure of leasing, as we knew nothing about it. JPL took the time to explain the concept, understand our business needs and located the perfect vehicle for us. Leasing through JPL allowed us to attain the lowest cost of driving. We eliminated risk, kept extra $ in our pocket and were able to customize the lease to suit our unique needs. Clear and easy to understand lease terms, along with awesome service and a friendly outlook, made our first experience at leasing an exceptional one."
— Terry & Lisa Kitt, Baseline Transport Ltd.

"I have been a client of JP Leasing for about 2 years now. I was clearly paying way too much money to my previous leasing company and not getting the satisfaction I deserve. With JPL, I am saving money and getting service and vehicles quickly and painlessly. I am extremely happy with dealing with JPL and am very satisfied with the dealings I have had with the staff. They are helpful and quick to respond to any of my issues. I look forward to working with Jim Peplinski Leasing in the future."
— Lisa Russell, Home Medical Equipment

"I want to thank Robert Greek for all the help and knowledge he has passed on to me this year. The extra mile he goes to to help out when I need information or assistance dealing with registries is greatly appreciated by me. By the looks of things we will continue to grow our fleet, and I look forward to continuing our business in 2013."
— Terry Hlewka, Weiss-Johnson Sheet Metal Ltd.

"I have worked with JPL for over 7 years. As a business owner I depend on JPL's excellent and timely customer service to take care of all my transportation needs. They are very helpful. I recommend them without hesitation and when it is time to lease my 5th vehicle from them will once again give them a call. "
— Zenon Szczur, Azen Machine Tool Ltd.

"I have been dealing with David Slevin and Jim Peplinski Leasing for many years. In all those years I have received excellent service on all transactions and have found David to be a tremendous asset to your company. I recently encountered a problem with a leased vehicle which required a lot of work on David’s part to resolve the matter to the benefit of both parties. Having over 80 employees of my own I know how hard it is to get and keep good staff and thought David should receive an honorable mention for his efforts. "
— Reg Williams

"I would highly recommend contacting Jonathan Shapiro for all your vehicle needs be it a lease or purchase. Jonathan is quick to respond, accommodating and very friendly. He is very thorough and performs extensive due diligence. Jonathan really takes the worry and stress out of leasing or purchasing vehicles."
— Rita Benton - Molly Maid Richmond Hill

"We are in our third year working with Lindsay Lessor from Peplinski Leasing. We are extremely pleased with the level of service provided by the Peplinski Team. They truly deliver one-stop shopping for all of our vehicles needs and this has significantly decreased our required level of effort when it comes to managing our fleet. Lindsay is professional, understands our requirements, and is extremely responsive. An added bonus has been Peplinski's generous participation in GAL’s community support and fundraising efforts. Peplinski Leasing exemplifies what a true partnership is and should be.”"
— Jean Lavigne, GAL Power Systems

"We were approached by Matt Coleman regarding our current vehicle fleet. Matt worked hard on our behalf to secure special discounts & helped us save our monthly vehicle leases. He was easy to work with & willing to look for the right vehicle for our application. The unit was delivered with all the requested options & ready to hit the road! We are currently working on other leasing requirements for our upcoming season."
— Mark Monette, Rental Village

"We have been working with Chris Browne and Jim Peplinski's for several years and we are extremely pleased with the level of service we receive. Our vehicles are delivered fully outfitted which makes our life easier. We look forward to working with Chris and Jim Peplinski's for many years to come. We trust that if we ask Chris for something he will delivery. He provides a stress free process when it comes to our vehicles. "
— Dan Blackburn, Mr. Electric

"Jim Peplinski's and Christopher Browne has been our fleet provider for all our vehicle acquisitions for the past 15 years. It has been a pleasure. Jim Peplinski's gives us honest, personal service and lets us concentration on our core business while they take care of our vehicles. When we ask Chris for a vehicle, we know we are getting great value. I especially appreciate the fact that the vehicle is delivered fully outfitted to our specifications, and at the end of the lease, maximum value is achieved through a transparent auction process. "
— Barry Sternberg, B & R Electric

"I have been dealing with JPL since Jim Peplinski first started the leasing business in 1990. The relationship has continued through three start-up companies with which I have been involved and I have with confidence recommended JPL to friends in the oilfield service business for their leasing requirements. JPL differs from other leasing companies in that they understand the needs of oilfield service businesses and offer great leasing terms that meet our needs. In addition, they have provided fantastic service over the years. For many of these years we have been pleased to deal with Bob Cameron who responds to matters in a timely and efficient manner. I have been so impressed with JPL that I choose to lease my personal vehicles with them."
— Ron Dahl, Smart Completions Ltd.

"Robert Greek has always been available to give me the very best answer or solution, no matter what my request was. He is very easy to talk to and has always made me feel that I am one of his best customers. "
— Diana Holland, D.W. Contracting

"Jonathan Shapiro from Jim Peplinski Leasing has been our fleet provider for all our vehicle acquisitions for many years. It has been a pleasure. Jonathan gives us honest, personal service and lets us concentration on our business while they take care of our vehicle needs. When we ask Jonathan for a vehicle, we know we are getting great value. "
— Marie Miller, Molly Maid Whitby