Whether you are a fleet or an individual, the process at Jim Peplinski Leasing Inc. is based on the same foundation: listening to you and tailoring a program that best suits your requirements.

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Our Process

  1. Listen – we listen to understand what you need.
  2. Recommend – Once we understand your needs, we make recommendations.
  3. Decide – We discuss the recommendations and reach a consensus on the vehicle(s).
  4. Delivery – road ready on time, on budget.
  5. Communicate – we stay in touch to ensure you are getting what you need and plan for the next vehicle or maintaining status quo. Whatever is best for you!

Be prepared to tell us your needs, including:

  1. Expected annual mileage,
  2. Payloads required,
  3. Expected passenger loads,
  4. Budget guidelines,
  5. Number of vehicles in your fleet,
  6. And any other unique or added information you believe is valuable for us to know to serve you.

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