Why leasing companies make your life easier

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The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. To be successful in business these days requires people – owners, managers, employees – who are willing to put in the work. When a fleet of vehicles is part of your operation, vehicle leasing companies can help you delegate the work involved in managing your fleet to a company that understands leasing; that frees up your employees to focus on their core responsibilities running your business. Automobile leasing companies a


Open end vs closed end lease

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Managing a commercial vehicle fleet is often better left to a fleet management company. That’s because vehicle fleet management requires constant vigilance to ensure you’re maximizing your value, recycling and maintaining your fleet, coordinating buy outs or arranging new acquisitions and financing. Knowing whether to choose an open ended vehicle lease or a closed end lease takes someone who understands the nuances of vehicle fleet management and the benefits of both types of leases. There


Vehicle Cycling Policy Explained

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Every sports fan knows there comes a time when even the most durable athlete needs to retire. The same goes for commercial vehicles. As much as you may love and respect its loyal contribution to your company, a vehicle – like an athlete – past its prime becomes more of a liability than an asset. When your duties include fleet management, you have decisions to make regarding your rapidly diminishing assets; implementing a vehicle cycling policy is a great way to manage the full cycle of your


When Does Leasing A Used Car Make Sense

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New car smell. Like puppy breath and baby skin, everyone claims to love it. When you’re a company manager looking to save money on vehicle leasing, however, the thing you want to be smelling is a bargain on your leasing requirements. If a car a year old is depreciated by over 30 percent based on usage it can sometimes make sense to lease that car over its brand new equivalent. A good fleet management company can show when leasing pre-owned cars rather than new ones makes sense. Used-car leasi