Is It Better to Lease a Commercial Vehicle or Buy One

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It’s been said that “aspirations and risk walk together.” In other words, to achieve great things you must take risks – pretty standard advice. That’s often true in business – as long as you’re not taking risks when shopping for vehicle leasing companies. Wherever your commercial vehicle needs lead you – whether it’s to a commercial vehicle leasing company or to a car dealership to acquire your vehicles, your goal is to find an experienced partner who can save your company time


Hassles Handled in Leasing by a Canadian Leasing Company

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Every business has hassles it has to deal with and overcome each day, but what does that mean? By definition, it means eliminating aggravation or “irritating inconveniences”, something you can do when you work with a Canadian leasing company. Whether you’re in need of commercial auto leasing or equipment leasing, you can eliminate the often frustrating, expensive and time-consuming hassles that crop up – even easier when you’re dealing with a Canadian leasing company that understands t


How Can A Professional Fleet Leasing Company Help Reduce Acquisition Costs?

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Regardless of who you think actually authored it, the 1987 best seller “The Art of The Deal” has some surprisingly intelligent advice for business people and, by extension, companies requiring fleet leasing services. Included in the book’s 11-step program of success are tips like “maximize your options,” “know your market,” “use your leverage” and “contain the costs.” When it comes to commercial fleet leasing, one of the biggest benefits of using a professional fleet leasin


Leasing Equipment From Your Vehicle Leasing Provider

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“To lease or not to lease, that is the question.” With due regards to Shakespeare, that bit of paraphrasing seems to sum up the eternal dilemma facing business owners. Is leasing your vehicles the right decision? Or do you buy what you need to operate your business, investing massive amounts of capital into your purchases before dealing with the inevitable depreciation, maintenance costs and resale of your assets? There’s no right answer, but there are smart choices to be made that can sav