Up-Fitting And Aftermarket – Turn Key Ready Trucks

Commercial truck leasing

Many companies rely on commercial truck leasing professionals to help stock and maintain their vehicle fleets. One of the biggest benefits of leasing from well-established truck leasing companies is their ability to deliver turn-key ready trucks that are ready to work! Tradespeople working in industries such as construction, oil and gas, HVAC and mechanical services, plumbing and electrical all have unique needs when it comes to customizing their vehicles. Buying a vehicle off the dealer lot an


The Benefits of Vehicle Leasing for Your Business and Staff

Commercial vehicle leasing

Every day more business leaders are turning to vehicle leasing as a solid option for providing their company with the tools needed to conduct daily operations. Commercial vehicle leasing offers a range of benefits, and many businesses see it as a more viable option than purchasing company vehicles outright. Commercial auto leasing companies offer many different options that are tailored to fit the budgets of companies large and small. If you are looking at acquiring vehicles for your company, h


Why Does Your Business Need a Fleet Management Service?

fleet management service

We are in the age of convenience and driving around town to deliver services is an essential aspect of many businesses. Companies of all sizes rely on a fleet of vehicles to get their workers where they need to be. Once a company has a fleet up and running, they must deal with managing it to ensure the vehicles are utilized in the most effective way, and that is no small task. More companies are turning to commercial fleet management services as a viable option for managing their fleet. Fleet


Challenges and Triumphs of Accessible Vehicle Solutions

Accessible vehicle solutions

When you’re in the business of transporting people, having wheelchair accessible vehicles in your fleet opens up a new market for growing your clientele. With adaptive technologies emerging each year featuring innovative accessible vehicle solution, you have the opportunity to compliment your vehicle fleet and help change the lives of people with disabilities. Working with a professional fleet leasing company can help ensure you get the right vehicles and the right price to make it a profitabl


The Importance of Adding Safety Features to your Leased Vehicle Fleet

Lease Your Fleet

For companies operating a fleet of leased vehicles, the importance of leasing high-use cars and trucks with collision avoidance features is obvious. Any leasing company in Calgary, or anywhere else in Canada, providing businesses with leased vehicles can reiterate the importance of choosing vehicles designed with safety in mind. That’s because no matter how good of a manager or business owner you are, you can’t always control the actions of people driving vehicles branded with your company n


3 Ways Improving Vehicle Safety Features Can Cut Fleet Costs

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You will likely agree that safety features in vehicles are important because they save lives and decrease accident and injury risk. But did you know that they can also cut the cost of your fleet? Here’s what you need to know: Decreases Insurance Premium Quite simply, built-in safety features reduce the chance of driver error or distraction, thereby reducing the likelihood of an accident and decreasing overall insurance costs. Adding new and upgraded vehicles as part of your fleet ser