Tips To Find And Lease The Right Livery Vehicle For You

Toyota Highlander - Livery Vehicle

The standard features and available options are different on wheelchair vehicles. If you are not fully familiar with such design features you may not even know what you are looking for. A leasing company experienced in accessible vehicle solutions for livery vehicles can provide you with the tips you need to find the right fit. There are many things to consider, including headroom at the door, wheelchair tie-downs, lowered floors and the surface of the flooring. Your wheelchair vehicles have to


Is There A Better Way To Manage Your Company Vehicles

company vehicles

Is there a better way to manage your company vehicles? There is if you’re delegating the responsibilities to anyone less than a qualified vehicle fleet manager. Managing a vehicle fleet in alignment with your corporate objectives and cost management processes, while also ensuring the safe and effective use of your vehicle resources and inventory takes a real professional. When delegating your vehicle asset management, consider a leader in vehicle leasing in Canada. Try a Canadian leasing comp


How To Be A Good Fleet Manager (When Its Not Your Only Job)

Commercial fleet management

A desk usually has four sides. However, when you’re doing a dozen things off the side of your desk outside of your primary responsibility of being a fleet manager, you’re probably more stressed than you need to be. Working with a professional commercial leasing company is one of the easiest fleet management solutions you can implement to reduce the stress involved in managing your company vehicles. Commercial fleet management can be a big job. Organizing all the elements involved in running