Are Your Fleet Vehicles Tying up Cash?

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When it comes to operating a vehicle fleet it can seem like you are always handing money out, and never getting enough in return. More than just costing money however, your vehicles could be tying up cash that you could use elsewhere in your business. Adopt some innovative financing solutions, like commercial vehicle leasing, to save your business money and manage your cash flow more effectively. Purchase Leaseback of Owned Assets One of the first things you can do in freeing up cash for your


Why Do Businesses Opt For Commercial Vehicle Leasing Rather Than Buying?

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Buying assets takes money. For businesses on the move, the initial costs of buying an adequate fleet of vehicles rather than opting for commercial vehicle leasing can be astronomical. Not every new or existing business can afford that kind of cash outlay. Commercial car leasing is often the more practical solution. Working with a company like Jim Peplinski Leasing, that understand the ins and outs of commercial fleet management can help manage these costs. Let’s dig a little deeper. Your vehi


Using Fleet Management Solutions to Reduce the Stress of Handling In-House Logistics

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When it comes to running a business, there is always so much to worry about. Whether it is customer related, financial related, something to do with your staff, or focusing on business growth, you have enough to take care of without having to worry about your company vehicles. That’s where fleet management solutions come in. The logistics, maintenance, and organization of your company vehicle fleet, in many ways, seems like a full-time job. And that’s because it is. More than that though, i


The Benefits of Partnering with a Vehicle Leasing Company

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Vehicles are a crucial part of the successful day-to-day functioning of your business. Many of your employees may have a company car, you may require the vehicles to meet with, and service clients, and more than that, you pride yourself and your business on the quality of service you provide based on your efficiency and timeliness. But that can all fall apart when you don’t have a reliable fleet of vehicles that is able to meet your needs. When your business starts to suffer as a result of th


A Simple Guide to Leasing Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

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When it comes to finding wheelchair accessible vehicles, many people don’t realize that it is a valid option to lease an accessible vehicle for both personal and commercial use. With a bit of time and persistence, you can find a vehicle that meets all your needs and lets you do everything you want. Understanding the market place is the first part of a successful leasing experience. Differences Between an Accessible Vehicle and a Regular Vehicle The main difference between leasing an accessib