The Importance of Adding Safety Features to your Leased Vehicle Fleet

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For companies operating a fleet of leased vehicles, the importance of leasing high-use cars and trucks with collision avoidance features is obvious. Any leasing company in Calgary, or anywhere else in Canada, providing businesses with leased vehicles can reiterate the importance of choosing vehicles designed with safety in mind. That’s because no matter how good of a manager or business owner you are, you can’t always control the actions of people driving vehicles branded with your company n


3 Ways Improving Vehicle Safety Features Can Cut Fleet Costs

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You will likely agree that safety features in vehicles are important because they save lives and decrease accident and injury risk. But did you know that they can also cut the cost of your fleet? Here’s what you need to know: Decreases Insurance Premium Quite simply, built-in safety features reduce the chance of driver error or distraction, thereby reducing the likelihood of an accident and decreasing overall insurance costs. Adding new and upgraded vehicles as part of your fleet ser