What Drives Us

Jim Peplinski Leasing is a premier Canadian vehicle leasing company providing commercial auto leasing and equipment leasing options for you and your business. Our passion is helping Canadians find, manage, and remarket their assets, handling the logistics without stress. Specializing in custom leasing solutions we can create a plan tailored to the specifics of your company. With over 30 years of leasing experience we have perfected the process and are experts in the industry. Our team keeps you informed every step of the way, handling current operations and planning strategies for the future. We know that every business has nuances that make it unique, and the last thing you need is a cookie cutter program that isn’t properly tuned to your goals. Every client with Jim Peplinski Leasing has a program unique to their specific business needs. We meet with you and go over your current situation and business goals, handpicking the perfect vehicle leasing opportunity for you and your business. Once you’ve reached the end of your lease, there are several options available to you, including continue, buyout or return and replace your leased vehicle. The mobility and range of our services make us the perfect fit for small to mid-sized Canadian businesses. Above everything, we put our clients first. We’re able to offer our vehicles and equipment leasing services nationwide, with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto & Ottawa. Our team offers a wide range of products and services making us a one stop shop for all your leasing needs. Beyond vehicles we offer equipment leasing solutions, wheelchair accessible vehicle and livery leasing, asset management & asset financing and more. Let our team handle the heavy lifting of vehicle and equipment management so you can get back to what matters, growing your business. Choose Jim Peplinski Leasing to partner with Canadian vehicle and equipment leasing experts that can find the solution that’s right for your business. After many years in vehicle leasing we have found a deep understanding of what our clients want and offer high touch service you wont find anywhere else. Our company was built on the core values of a Stanley Cup winning champion – teamwork, focus and passion and we continue to deliver on our founders promise: One Goal. A Thousand Assists.