Adding Features to Your Work Trucks

by Jim Peplinski   Posted on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

commercial truck leasing

When it comes to selecting your vehicle fleet, it can be difficult to know what vehicles to lease and what features to include on your trucks. Here at Jim Peplinski Leasing, we specialize in commercial truck leasing and fleet vehicle management. We want to help you get the best vehicles for your fleet, make sure those vehicles are going to be able to do the job you need and give you optimal return when you sell.

Features to Include

Understanding the resale market can help you make smart decisions when ordering your vehicle fleet. By including just a couple of options on your commercial vehicles you can directly impact your resale value. Used vehicles buyers are looking for options such as air conditioning, power windows and locks as the standard now, even on work trucks. Items such as blue tooth and back up cameras are important for safety conscious buyers looking to comply with new road safety legislation. Your commercial truck leasing company can help guide you understand what options to add to maximize your resale value at the end of your lease.

Leasing Considerations

When you opt to lease a vehicle through a commercial truck lease services you typically have several options open to you at the end of the lease; buyout, remarket or resell the vehicle. Should you choose to exercise one of these options, you will want to maximize your resale value. Doing this means you need to consider not only the features added to meet your client and employee needs, but also to meet the needs of your future buyer. Standard considerations such as keeping the trucks adequately serviced and maintaining consistent upkeep are important, but consider also, added options such as if your truck has towing capabilities, or additional features you may add which promote improved off-road capabilities.

Depending on your line of work, there are also added features which you can select to have included when you custom order your fleet trucks for leasing. To help you best determine what these features are, make a list of what you will specifically be using your trucks for, who will be driving them, and what types of conditions they will regularly be driven in. Some important factors, for example, are the level of experience of your drivers and whether your trucks will be towing or hauling loads. Knowing these things ahead of time will make it an easy process when you come in and speak to the professionals at Jim Peplinski Leasing about our truck lease services.

We supply trucks to the client’s order, because we want you to have the best truck for the job you need done. Use this information to help you decide what you need to order and then come talk to us about financing your commercial vehicle fleet.

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