Are Your Fleet Vehicles Tying up Cash?

by Jim Peplinski   Posted on Thursday, May 31, 2018

fleet leasing

When it comes to operating a vehicle fleet it can seem like you are always handing money out, and never getting enough in return. More than just costing money however, your vehicles could be tying up cash that you could use elsewhere in your business. Adopt some innovative financing solutions, like commercial vehicle leasing, to save your business money and manage your cash flow more effectively.

Purchase Leaseback of Owned Assets

One of the first things you can do in freeing up cash for your business is consider a purchase leaseback of your fleet. Jim Peplinski Leasing can re-lease unencumbered assets for your company. This provides an excellent way to inject capital into more profitable areas of your business, manage cash flow and streamline all your assets with one company.

Refinance Existing Leases

Many people fall into the trap of drafting a finance contract for their vehicles and never re-evaluating the contract again. In many cases, it’s good idea to evaluate your fleet with a commercial vehicle leasing company to ensure you are effectively managing your fleet, your expenditures, and your cash flow. Fleet leasing is not a transactional vehicle sale, it’s an ongoing assessment to ensure the effectiveness of your fleet.

Streamline Your Assets with One Lease Provider

You can think of it as akin to when you bundle your television and phone services under one provider: you save money, it’s more convenient and you are building a strong relationship with one provider. At Jim Peplinski Leasing, commercial vehicle leasing is what we do best, and we would be happy to help you consolidate and restructure your assets to offer you the high standard services of one provider.

If you are ready to have more cash in hand and less tied up in your fleet, it’s time to reach out to Jim Peplinski Leasing. Our professional team is experienced in all areas of fleet leasing, management, and sales, and we would love to help your business grow by showing you how to best manage your fleet vehicles. Give us a call to arrange an appointment.

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