What to do When You Can’t Factory Order Vehicles

by Jim Peplinski   Posted on Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Each year we watch as people get more and more frustrated because manufacturers close the factory order banks earlier and earlier. This makes acquiring and replacing vehicles more challenging as time goes on. If you have a fleet, it means you need to be proactive with your ordering, or you may be left scrambling for vehicles that are essential to your business. Partnering with a leasing company helps eliminate this problem, as we have the expertise needed to keep your entire fleet on the road, and access to limited in-stock and used vehicle inventory.

Here are just a few ways Jim Peplinski Leasing can help:

  1. We save you time. It takes a lot of time-consuming work to locate hard to find inventory when needed. With this task in our hands and off your plate, it equates to hours saved and more time for you to focus on your company.
  2. We have access to a wide range of vendors and dealers across Canada. Our connections mean more stock for you to work with.
  3. Our nationwide reputation as a trusted purchaser and seller means you can rely on us to manage your fleet effectively.
  4. We have a long history of getting our clients the best price. We negotiate deals on your behalf and get you access to the lowest cost on high demand inventory.
  5. We deliver work ready vehicles right to your door, coordinating logistics and delivery for vehicles acquired anywhere in Canada.
  6. Our access to wholesale and auction vehicle sales is key. Most people don’t realize these gems are not available to the general public.
  7. Jim Peplinski Leasing has a wide client base. This allows us to do something called “fleet balancing” between different industry segments. For example, let’s say a construction company we partner with is looking to off-load some of their leased vehicles. These can be shifted to another one of our leasing customers in the plumbing or oil and gas industry. In simple terms, we can move used vehicles from one fleet customer to another in a way that benefits all parties.

Focus your time and energy on what matters most, managing your company and growing your business. Partner with Jim Peplinski Leasing…think of us as your ‘not so secret’ weapon. Reach out today to find out how we can help with your fleet management.

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