Fit For Purpose Vehicles

Your business is unique, and so are your vehicle needs. Imagine a world containing a million pizzas, but they are all are made by the same restaurant! As much as you like pizza, having a limited choice reduces the chance...Read More

Is It Better to Lease a Commercial Vehicle or Buy One

It’s been said that “aspirations and risk walk together.” In other words, to achieve great things you must take risks – pretty standard advice. That’s often true in business – as long as you’re not taking risks when shopping for...Read More

Hassles Handled in Leasing by a Canadian Leasing Company

Every business has hassles it has to deal with and overcome each day, but what does that mean? By definition, it means eliminating aggravation or “irritating inconveniences”, something you can do when you work with a Canadian leasing company. Whether...Read More

How Can A Professional Fleet Leasing Company Help Reduce Acquisition Costs?

Regardless of who you think actually authored it, the 1987 best seller “The Art of The Deal” has some surprisingly intelligent advice for business people and, by extension, companies requiring fleet leasing services. Included in the book’s 11-step program of...Read More

Leasing Equipment From Your Vehicle Leasing Provider

“To lease or not to lease, that is the question.” With due regards to Shakespeare, that bit of paraphrasing seems to sum up the eternal dilemma facing business owners. Is leasing your vehicles the right decision? Or do you buy...Read More

Why leasing companies make your life easier

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. To be successful in business these days requires people – owners, managers, employees – who are willing to put in the work. When a fleet of vehicles is...Read More

Open end vs closed end lease

Managing a commercial vehicle fleet is often better left to a fleet management company. That’s because vehicle fleet management requires constant vigilance to ensure you’re maximizing your value, recycling and maintaining your fleet, coordinating buy outs or arranging new acquisitions...Read More

Vehicle Cycling Policy Explained

Every sports fan knows there comes a time when even the most durable athlete needs to retire. The same goes for commercial vehicles. As much as you may love and respect its loyal contribution to your company, a vehicle –...Read More

When Does Leasing A Used Car Make Sense

New car smell. Like puppy breath and baby skin, everyone claims to love it. When you’re a company manager looking to save money on vehicle leasing, however, the thing you want to be smelling is a bargain on your leasing...Read More

How To Reduce Fleet Down Time

Can implementing an effective fleet management system help you counter Newton’s First Law? It can if your goal as an organization is to reduce fleet downtime and turn “objects at rest” into objects in constant motion. Engaging a Canadian vehicle...Read More

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