3 Ways Improving Vehicle Safety Features Can Cut Fleet Costs

You will likely agree that safety features in vehicles are important because they save lives and decrease accident and injury risk. But did you know that they can also cut the cost of your fleet? Here’s what you need to...Read More

Adding Features to Your Work Trucks

When it comes to selecting your vehicle fleet, it can be difficult to know what vehicles to lease and what features to include on your trucks. Here at Jim Peplinski Leasing, we specialize in commercial truck leasing and fleet vehicle...Read More

What Branded Vehicles Say About Your Business?

Your sales team is dressed for success. Your office has slick signage and a lobby that screams professionalism. So what do your vehicles say about your business? Talk to a professional vehicle leasing company about what branded vehicles can say...Read More

How Well do you Understand Fleet Buying?

If you are looking to invest in a fleet of vehicles for your business, you may be thinking the answer is simple: go to the dealership, determine which vehicles and features you want, negotiate a deal, and job done! In...Read More

Tips for Reducing Fuel Costs

Maintaining your vehicle fleet and safety standards for your drivers doesn’t come cheap. While you wouldn’t skimp on servicing or maintaining vehicle integrity, you can save money on fuel. Implement these tips as part of your fleet management plan to...Read More

Are Your Fleet Vehicles Tying up Cash?

When it comes to operating a vehicle fleet it can seem like you are always handing money out, and never getting enough in return. More than just costing money however, your vehicles could be tying up cash that you could...Read More

Why Do Businesses Opt For Commercial Vehicle Leasing Rather Than Buying?

Buying assets takes money. For businesses on the move, the initial costs of buying an adequate fleet of vehicles rather than opting for commercial vehicle leasing can be astronomical. Not every new or existing business can afford that kind of...Read More

Using Fleet Management Solutions to Reduce the Stress of Handling In-House Logistics

When it comes to running a business, there is always so much to worry about. Whether it is customer related, financial related, something to do with your staff, or focusing on business growth, you have enough to take care of...Read More

The Benefits of Partnering with a Vehicle Leasing Company

Vehicles are a crucial part of the successful day-to-day functioning of your business. Many of your employees may have a company car, you may require the vehicles to meet with, and service clients, and more than that, you pride yourself...Read More

A Simple Guide to Leasing Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

When it comes to finding wheelchair accessible vehicles, many people don’t realize that it is a valid option to lease an accessible vehicle for both personal and commercial use. With a bit of time and persistence, you can find a...Read More

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