Tips To Find And Lease The Right Livery Vehicle For You

The standard features and available options are different on wheelchair vehicles. If you are not fully familiar with such design features you may not even know what you are looking for. A leasing company experienced in accessible vehicle solutions for...Read More

Is There A Better Way To Manage Your Company Vehicles

Is there a better way to manage your company vehicles? There is if you’re delegating the responsibilities to anyone less than a qualified vehicle fleet manager. Managing a vehicle fleet in alignment with your corporate objectives and cost management processes,...Read More

How To Be A Good Fleet Manager (When Its Not Your Only Job)

A desk usually has four sides. However, when you’re doing a dozen things off the side of your desk outside of your primary responsibility of being a fleet manager, you’re probably more stressed than you need to be. Working with...Read More

Pre-Owned Luxury Cars – Satisfying Your Company’s Financial Plan

When providing your staff with vehicles is part of your business expense line, the term “luxury cars” can be considered two ways: high end cars that are full of luxury features, and high-end cars that are provided to your staff...Read More

Questions To Ask When Sourcing A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Providing accessible vehicle solutions for both your employees and any potential customers you may be transporting, requires you to have the proper vehicles in your fleet. To secure the right wheelchair accessible vehicles, you need to know what questions to...Read More

3 Solutions Offered By A Canadian Leasing Co

There is a lot of rhetoric flowing from political talking heads about doing business within your own borders. For businesses that rely on commercial vehicle leasing to maintain a fleet, the best solution should be dealing directly with a Canadian...Read More

Take the Fleet Manager Job Off Your Desk

How can you be a better fleet manager when it’s not your only job? Far too often vehicle fleet management is layered onto the job description when it could be a fulltime job depending on the size of your company...Read More

Why Commercial Leasing Is An Option For Livery Vehicles

A business that offers vehicles for hire is a business that needs efficiencies in the management of its vehicle fleet. When it comes to livery vehicles, commercial leasing is an incredibly smart way to ensure your company has cost certainty....Read More

One Stop Fleet Provider

Say the words “convenience store” and you instantly get a picture – probably of a mom and pop shop that offers a random selection of point-of-purchase merchandise. Rarely do you equate service and selection with the “convenience” of shopping at...Read More

Fit For Purpose Vehicles

Your business is unique, and so are your vehicle needs. Imagine a world containing a million pizzas, but they are all are made by the same restaurant! As much as you like pizza, having a limited choice reduces the chance...Read More

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