Challenges and Triumphs of Accessible Vehicle Solutions

by Jim Peplinski   Posted on Friday, September 14, 2018

Accessible vehicle solutions

When you’re in the business of transporting people, having wheelchair accessible vehicles in your fleet opens up a new market for growing your clientele. With adaptive technologies emerging each year featuring innovative accessible vehicle solution, you have the opportunity to compliment your vehicle fleet and help change the lives of people with disabilities. Working with a professional fleet leasing company can help ensure you get the right vehicles and the right price to make it a profitable decision.

Whether you’re providing airport limousine service, taxi service, or an employee vehicle to individuals with mobility issues, you need accessible vehicle solutions to meet the demands of your business and the unique requests of the individuals you’re transporting. Finding the right vehicles for your needs is often a challenge, as not all dealerships are in the business of providing custom vehicles or facilitating vehicle conversions. Working with a professional vehicle fleet leasing company to acquire wheelchair accessible vehicles Canada-wide will help give you access to the widest options available.

Before committing to the lease or purchase of such vehicles it is important to consider all features of the vehicle. For example, wheelchair lifts can be positioned at either the side or the rear of the vehicle. Each of these options comes with a variety of ramp options, and the choice of either a power or manual deployment system. Another important consideration is the lowered floor feature, which lends additional floor-to-ceiling clearance and allows a person being transported to remain seated in their wheelchair while entering the vehicle. An accessible vehicle without a lowered floor is of limited use when transporting people with mobility issues.

Finding accessible vehicle solutions requires you to deal directly with a company that fully understands your unique needs. If you have employees with accessibility issues, for example, providing appropriate vehicles will help you meet your diversity obligations. A professional leasing company will have a network of dealers they can approach to ensure you have all the vehicles you require for your business. In addition, your leasing company can educate you on the tax exemptions that are available when you lease an accessible vehicle.

Learn more about the challenges and benefits of leasing accessible vehicles from Jim Peplinski Leasing.

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