Why Commercial Leasing Is An Option For Livery Vehicles

by jimlive   Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2018

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A business that offers vehicles for hire is a business that needs efficiencies in the management of its vehicle fleet. When it comes to livery vehicles, commercial leasing is an incredibly smart way to ensure your company has cost certainty. Livery vehicle leasing is not just one option, it’s the best option.

Working with a premier livery and ground transportation leasing company to secure your fleet offers you flexibility. Whether you need airport limousines, private service cars or taxis, a company that leases livery vehicles can provide you with access to both new and used vehicles in all makes and models. To meet the demands of your livery vehicle leasing needs, a professional leasing company can customize a program with things like open-ended leasing, and Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance. These options give you the flexibility you need to effectively manage your fleet.

A premier livery and ground transportation leasing company should understand the unique demands of the livery industry. That means offering a lease product that has no wear and tear, or excess kilometer charges, as well including Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance.

In the unfortunate event, your leased vehicle is involved in an accident which results in a total loss, Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance will cover the difference between the actual cash value, given by your insurance provider and the payout amount of your lease, up to a maximum value. When you drive hundreds of thousand kilometers each year, this can truly help you reduce your risk, and overall cost.

A company that offers livery vehicle leasing will have a team of experienced professionals working for it. They can help source out the exact kind of vehicles you need, and give you advice on whether leasing new or used is the best idea. They can also help you rotate your vehicle fleet when it’s time to move old vehicles off your roster. Dealing with one company who can manage all the details involved in securing, transferring and selling your livery vehicles helps save you time which ultimately saves you money.

Overseeing a large ground transportation company involves a lot of moving parts. Working with a professional leasing company can help ensure all those parts are operating smoothly. Learn more. Visit Jim Peplinski Leasing at http://www.jimpeplinski.ca/.

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