Commercial Vehicle Leasing – Convenient Solution For Your Business Needs

by jimlive   Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2017

Canadian leasing company

Given the business landscape in Canada these days it’s critical for business owners to find and capitalize on every opportunity available to ensure the financial health of their business. For companies with products, services and employees on the go that could mean taking a hard look at the benefits of commercial vehicle leasing.

It’s important to understand the significant advantages to be had when a business chooses to outsource vehicle procurement rather than buy its vehicles directly from a dealership; that’s true regardless of the size of your fleet. Much like any contracted service required to run a business, entering into a commercial vehicle lease should only be agreed to after careful consideration and the necessary due diligence to find the right lease provider. However, that doesn’t always mean taking the lowest lease payment. A great leasing program offers a variety of products, customized service, flexibility in both the leasing options and the type of vehicles available. It’s about the best vehicle for the job, regardless of the manufacturer. There’s no reason a business should settle if the vehicles and services being offered in a leasing program aren’t the right ones for the business.

There are many industries that rely on commercial truck leasing for their fleet of vehicles: oilfield, construction, skilled trades, landscaping, commercial cleaning and maintenance companies are just a few. These large and small business sectors typically have heavy usage and rack up high annual kilometres, so they recognize that leasing a truck rather than purchasing it provides them with a greater flexibility.

Take a typical vehicle lease for example. For start-up businesses there are obvious cash flow benefits. Ownership means a significant initial capital outlay; leasing frees up capital to invest in more important things than paying for vehicles. Here’s another advantage – a good leasing provider manages up-fitting and branding of your vehicle too, delivering a turn key ready truck right to your door.

It’s tempting to believe that ownership gives a business more control, but that is not necessarily true. Whether it’s a small business auto lease or leasing an entire fleet of heavy use vehicles, get the facts from a respected commercial vehicle leasing company. For more info please e-mail at

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