We understand your business’ priorities when it comes to commercial equipment leasing. You need the right tools for the job, kept under budget, and received quickly for your team to get to work. To ensure this process runs smoothly, you need to work with an equipment leasing company that takes the job as seriously as you do.

While providing quality vehicle leasing solutions to our customers, we noticed the opportunity to help them further by expanding our services to include equipment leasing and fixed asset financing. Our product offering covers a variety of industries and options, such as construction equipment leasing and financing. This allows your team to manage all your assets through one provider, streamlining the process and saving you time and money, as well as the hassle of coordinating across different services.

Our equipment leasing product offers the same high-touch service and flexibility you would expect from our other services. As with our other offerings, our priority is helping develop solutions tailored to your business. Our focus on communication allows us to understand and work with your company’s changing needs. We work with you to develop custom tailored loans for fixed assets that represent the current environment. Our team’s flexibility means your equipment financing plan can pivot to reflect changes in your business.

We strive to be the premier equipment leasing provider in Canada. Jim Peplinski Leasing has been providing leasing solutions for over 30 years, and continues strong into new product categories. With offices across Canada, we offer commercial equipment leasing in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto & Ottawa, to great businesses across the nation. By providing a wide range of options, we are sure to be the perfect fit for your business.