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by jimlive   Posted on Thursday, January 18, 2018

Canadian Leasing Company

Your business is unique, and so are your vehicle needs. Imagine a world containing a million pizzas, but they are all are made by the same restaurant! As much as you like pizza, having a limited choice reduces the chance you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s the same when it comes to your vehicle fleet. When you’re looking to find fit for purposes vehicles, working with a Canadian leasing company rather than the dealer ensures you’ll get exactly what you want every time.

A commercial vehicle leasing company can offer you something a dealer can’t: vehicle choice. If you go to a Ford dealer in an effort to stock your fleet with vehicles, you’re most likely going to be offered Ford vehicles. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that Ford may not offer the fit-for-purpose vehicles you’re looking for. A reputable commercial vehicle leasing company is not tied to brands; instead, their primary goal is to find you exactly what you need, whether that’s reliable pickup trucks, cars, SUVs or service vehicles. Using vehicle leasing companies to find your vehicles is like have unlimited access to the ultimate dating site; you just keep swiping right until there’s a perfect match, one that possesses all the attributes you’re looking for to develop that long-term relationship – no matter how broad your needs may be in a vehicle.

Equipping your fleet with turnkey ready vehicles does not just stop at acquisition. Ensuring your vehicles have the necessary up fitting, aftermarket items and branding options installed, so that they truly are fit for purposes is key to getting the best out of your fleet.

When you’re tasked with finding vehicles for your company, working with a commercial vehicle leasing company simplifies the process. They function just like a vehicle broker, exploring the vehicle market and giving you access to the widest possible selection in terms of model options, size, style, performance and engine technology. If it’s reliable pickup trucks you’re after, a well-connected Canadian leasing company will have instant access to vehicles manufactured by a variety of different auto makers, not just the ones your dealer manufactures and sells.

The business objectives your company wants to achieve from operating a company vehicle fleet are the primary consideration when working with an vehicle leasing company. However, over-riding everything else is the fact your vehicles must be fit-for-purpose: supplying gas guzzling cars to sales people racking up 50,000km a year or more, or luxury sedans to maintenance people with gear to carry is never a good idea. Securing the right vehicles to project the proper image of your brand is also important. If the motto at your flower shop is “save the planet,” you shouldn’t be putting your vinyl logo wrap on a gas-powered Hummer to deliver your flowers.

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