Five Advantages of Using a Fuel Fleet Card

by Jim Peplinski   Posted on Monday, August 19, 2019

Fuel Fleet Card

Cost certainty is something every business strives to achieve. Knowing your costs can help you budget better and allocate resources more productively. When you’re operating a fleet of company vehicles, it’s hard to maintain any sense of certainty, especially given the fluctuating costs of fuel. One way to reel in those expenses and help manage them more effectively is through the use of a fuel fleet card.

When you incorporate a fuel fleet card initiative, like the Shell Fleet Navigator card program, offered exclusively through Jim Peplinski Leasing you take the first step toward improving management of your fuel bill.

There are many benefits to using a fuel saver card for your company vehicles, here are five of them. First of all, Shell Fleet Navigator cards offer you fuel discounts. That’s an important money saver when you’ve got multiple vehicles and drivers with different driving styles. Secondly, the fuel fleet card gives you exceptional reporting and analytics abilities. You can track who’s using the most fuel, when purchases are being made, overall purchase totals, average fuel rate and many other important pieces of information that help you manage your fuel program.

Using the fuel saver card also helps improve the efficiency of your operation. You will get important insights through ready-made management reports that you can customize for specific information. Get helpful data from odometer prompts that help you better understand your fleet’s fuel consumption and download ready-made management reports you can use to manage your fleet. The fourth way a fuel saver card helps is by improving the security. Chip and PIN technology limits who can use your cards; you’ll receive email alerts about any suspicious or attempted unauthorized fuel transaction, and you can also block lost or stolen cards instantly. You can also incorporate driver ID validation protocols for use of the cards.

The fifth reason your fuel fleet card is a great addition to your operation is it helps control what your drivers purchase and where. You can set limits for card use by any amount and choose where cards can be used, even setting limits on individual drivers or groups of cards. It’s an effective management tool for your vehicles that helps establish a better cost certainty for you.

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