Harvest The Maximum Return With Commercial Fleet Management

by jimlive   Posted on Friday, July 14, 2017

Commercial fleet management

You’re looking out your office window at a fleet of company-owned vehicles sitting in your parking lot and it suddenly hits you; you’ve got a lot of money invested in assets with diminishing values attached to them. To truly maximize your return, you could use this moment to make a profound business decision by switching to a company that delivers top notch commercial fleet management services.

When considering fleet leasing as an option for your business it’s important to choose a company with a long and successful track record of vehicle fleet management. There’s no use in trying to reduce acquisition and operating costs by making the switch only to wind up with a company that doesn’t fully understand your vehicle needs or your financial objectives. The advantages of fleet leasing are myriad; for starters, you avoid the significant initial capital outlay associated with purchasing and up fitting your vehicles. Engaging the expertise of an experienced lease provider for your vehicle fleet management should help you reduce vehicle downtime, better manage operating costs and positively impact your bottom line.

Fleet vehicles are clearly depreciating assets; they will always be worth less after you acquire them. Effective fleet management companies understand how to help you maximize the lease end values. Leasing your fleet gives you many options to consider in your fleet management strategy. Of course, ensuring your operation has the right vehicle – or fleet of vehicles – for the job is the first order of business. You want to ensure you are working with “fit for purpose” vehicles – not some cookie cutter solution forced upon you by the dealership.

Another effective strategy used in commercial fleet management, which is often overlooked can help you maximize your returns is through the advertising and branding benefits it can provide. A good leasing partner not only capitalizes the costs of branding your vehicles in the lease but also coordinates the entire process, delivering a vehicle that’s ready to work. This gives you something greater than any stationary outdoor advertising can hope to deliver: it gives you mobility of message, as your fleet effectively becomes a rolling billboard for your company, your products and your services. A well-branded, well-appointed fleet of custom-wrapped vehicles delivers huge numbers of daily impressions, helping to maximize your advertising and marketing budget and extend your campaign reach. Learn more about the benefits of commercial fleet management. For more information contact us at info@jimpeplinski.ca

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