How To Be A Good Fleet Manager (When Its Not Your Only Job)

by jimlive   Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2018

Commercial fleet management

A desk usually has four sides. However, when you’re doing a dozen things off the side of your desk outside of your primary responsibility of being a fleet manager, you’re probably more stressed than you need to be. Working with a professional commercial leasing company is one of the easiest fleet management solutions you can implement to reduce the stress involved in managing your company vehicles.

Commercial fleet management can be a big job. Organizing all the elements involved in running a fleet – from sourcing and acquisition, to cycling and remarketing –being a fleet manager can be a full-time job. Far too often the responsibilities associated with managing your fleet are simply incorporated into other job descriptions. That’s why contracting a dedicated commercial leasing company to manage your fleet is a great investment. A commercial leasing company has the resources, the contacts, the time and the expertise to provide fleet management solutions designed to save you time and money.

For starters, handing over the fleet manager responsibilities to a commercial leasing company means you have professionals negotiating the acquisition of your fleet. Their expertise in negotiations means your company will always get the best options available on the cars, trucks and SUVs you need to operate your business. Leaving vehicle acquisition in the hands of someone fulfilling the duties of a fleet manager on a part time basis can be a recipe for disaster. There are far too many details involved in leasing large fleets of vehicles; your commercial leasing company can worry about those details, leaving your staff the time they need to focus on important things like doing their job. Maintaining the fleet is also a vitally important aspect of commercial fleet management. Having vehicles sitting idle means their value is not being maximized. Your commercial leasing company will develop a vehicle cycling policy to ensure your vehicles are being used effectively.

Contracting a professional commercial leasing company to act as your fleet manager ensures your fleet will be run efficiently. It also ensures you will get maximum value for your fleet when it comes time to sell vehicles or auction them off. Learn more. Visit Jim Peplinski Leasing at

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