How to Maximize your Lease End Values

by Jim Peplinski   Posted on Friday, July 12, 2019

Maximize your Lease End Values

Some companies promise you the world in order to secure your business, then let that relationship slide once they have your signature on a contract. You don’t become a nationally recognized commercial vehicle leasing company by conducting business that way. At Jim Peplinski Leasing, some of the best service you get is when your vehicle leases are coming to an end; that’s when the team at Jim Peplinski Leasing really earns their stripes in commercial vehicle leasing.

As your lease draws to an end, often your objective is to maximize your lease end value. As one of the best fleet leasing companies Canada has to choose from, Jim Peplinski Leasing can help ensure you achieve your objective. They do this in multiple ways. For starters, the commercial van leasing experts at Jim Peplinski Leasing take a multi-channel approach to remarketing vehicles. Their unique matrix of national contacts means they can put your used vehicles to market via auction, various retailer channels or through their network of dealer partners.

Believe it or not, there are better times throughout the year at which to remarket your vehicles. By using a seasonal strategy, Jim Peplinski Leasing can capitalize on peak vehicle purchasing periods to maximize the demand and increase eventual sale price. Knowing the best time to get out of a vehicle lease before it becomes too costly is also a critical strategy; as more and more maintenance is required, as seasonal downtime leaves your vehicles in the yard or even as the make and model become outdated and less desirable to buyers, you need to act quickly to off load your vehicles. With years of commercial vehicle leasing behind them, the team at Jim Peplinski Leasing can mobilize quickly to remarket your fleet.

There are always circumstances that affect your ability to move vehicles nearing the end of their lease, from economic slowdowns that affect your business, the fluctuating value of the Canadian dollar versus its U.S. counterpart, vehicle demand and more. Knowing the market – or contracting a company that already has that expertise – is critical to maximizing your lease-end values.

Your goal as a business owner is to make your company profitable. Jim Peplinski Leasing is one of the best fleet leasing companies in Canada to help make that happen.

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