How To Reduce Fleet Down Time

by jimlive   Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2017

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Can implementing an effective fleet management system help you counter Newton’s First Law? It can if your goal as an organization is to reduce fleet downtime and turn “objects at rest” into objects in constant motion. Engaging a Canadian vehicle leasing company that can help implement a fleet management system designed to maximize your vehicle fleet usage is just good business; machinery built with axles and wheels is always more effective when those wheels start rolling, putting your employees into motion to help drive company objectives and corporate success.

Fleet maintenance management should always be put in the hands of people with experience managing large fleets. The job is not as simple as developing a schedule of use for your entire vehicle fleet. To be truly effective a fleet management system will help reduce fleet downtime with a series of customized measures all designed to amplify use, proper maintenance and eventual remarketing of your vehicles. Developing and implementing a proper vehicle maintenance schedule, for example, is one of the most important strategies of fleet maintenance management. Knowing when to purge your inventory of older high-use vehicles before they become burdens on your maintenance budget takes a high degree of expertise. Time in the shop translates into lost time, as your vehicles and machinery are not being used at the jobs for which you leased or purchased them. Understanding when to invest in vehicle maintenance versus when to unload a vehicle is critical to the success of your fleet management system.

Turning management of your fleet over to a vehicle leasing company is a smart way to ensure your vehicle fleet remains current. Vehicle and heavy machinery manufacturers are constantly incorporating new technologies into their designs; a vehicle leasing company working daily with manufacturers can help keep your fleet on the cutting edge by leasing newer vehicles as part of your vehicle cycling policy. New doesn’t always mean higher cost; cycling through your fleet to reduce fleet down time by operating newer, more efficient vehicles can actually save your company money over the long term. Your vehicle leasing company should be able to present a clear and concise plan to explain the benefits of such a strategy. Ultimately, the less time your fleet is at rest the more productive your employees will be.

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