Is It Better to Lease a Commercial Vehicle or Buy One

by jimlive   Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017

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It’s been said that “aspirations and risk walk together.” In other words, to achieve great things you must take risks – pretty standard advice. That’s often true in business – as long as you’re not taking risks when shopping for vehicle leasing companies. Wherever your commercial vehicle needs lead you – whether it’s to a commercial vehicle leasing company or to a car dealership to acquire your vehicles, your goal is to find an experienced partner who can save your company time and money. The question is, is it better to lease a commercial vehicle or buy one?

Let’s start with some benefits of leasing. Like a well-tuned athlete, automobile leasing companies should offer businesses flexibility. Flexibility helps minimize the risk, which is what you want when stocking your fleet of commercial vehicles. This can mean offering a variety of products and services, for example leasing options on new or used leased vehicles and unbiased product advice. Leasing helps eliminate the major cash outlay you would have to provide up front if you were purchasing your fleet. This helps you preserve cashflow, manage your payments, giving you a fixed-cost structure that eliminates surprises and massive hits to your ledger. Vehicle leasing companies with long track records of success know that by providing you with a variety of flexible and affordable leasing options they can be of greater service to your business. The flexibility extends to the end of your lease too, with options to buyout your commercial leased vehicle, remarket it, or continue with the lease. In each case, your commercial vehicle leasing requirements can be easily adapted to suit your current needs.

Reduced acquisition costs are another major advantage to leasing commercial vehicles rather than purchasing them. No matter how solvent your company is it’s still a huge hit to acquire a fleet of vehicles. By reducing your acquisition costs with the help of an experienced fleet leasing provider you’re conserving capital; you’re also most likely saving valuable time, as your leasing company will source out your required vehicles, price them and ensure you’re getting the best possible deal. With one call, you can arrange everything. In addition, a commercial leasing company can provide other services, including remarketing, fleet card options, fleet review and analysis and more.

Let the gamblers take the risks. When you want certainty, consider leasing over buying. Learn more. Visit Jim Peplinski Leasing at

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