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by jimlive   Posted on Thursday, January 25, 2018

Fleet management solutions

Say the words “convenience store” and you instantly get a picture – probably of a mom and pop shop that offers a random selection of point-of-purchase merchandise. Rarely do you equate service and selection with the “convenience” of shopping at a convenience store. When it’s vehicle leasing companies and fleet management solutions you’re looking for, there are companies that can deliver on the promise of service, selection, quality AND convenience. One you might know of is Jim Peplinski Leasing.

Simply put, working with a one-stop fleet service provider saves your company money by first saving your time. Fleet management companies specialize in full-service acquisition of your vehicle fleet, along with consolidation of your leases and, in a significant way, your business relationships. Working directly with one vehicle leasing company eliminates the endless back and forth with multiple companies. Contract the right company for your fleet management solutions and you can focus your time and effort on more important things, like running your business.

For sheer convenience of the administration of your vehicle leases, dealing with a one-stop fleet service provider makes perfect sense. However, the relationship you develop with any of the fleet management companies you may be contracting should be a critical part of your business strategy. Developing long-term relationships pays great dividends when it comes to working with someone who understands your needs as a company, and your needs for fit-for-purpose vehicles. Quickly arranging a purchase or lease at a dealership is a highly transactional sales process. Working with a fleet service provider that has time, energy, money and personnel invested in the relationship with your company is just smart business.

As fun as shopping for new vehicles can be, spending your company money to secure your vehicle fleet, it does take an inordinate amount of time that can be better spent. Working with experts who have access to multiple manufacturers, who know your business, who can customize leasing contracts and who can help you better manage your fleet is simply…convenient. One-stop shop implies exactly that: one centralized place where you can secure exactly the vehicles your company needs. There might not be gum or chocolate bars at the register to tempt you into a snap purchase upon check out; but there will be professional service that helps make life easier for your business.

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