Pre-Owned Luxury Cars – Satisfying Your Company’s Financial Plan

by jimlive   Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2018

When providing your staff with vehicles is part of your business expense line, the term “luxury cars” can be considered two ways: high end cars that are full of luxury features, and high-end cars that are provided to your staff as a luxury or compensation incentive. Either way, leasing pre-owned luxury cars from a fleet leasing company rather than buying new could be a great way to satisfy your company’s financial plan.

There are many reasons why leasing from a fleet leasing company is a smarter choice. For starters, the rebates and concessions offered by a dealership on brand new high vehicles – particularly on imports – are not always advantageous. Dealers would love nothing more than to sell you a new car, while a fleet leasing company works on your behalf to get you the best lease deal. You could be looking at a major capital expenditure if you’re considering buying new import vehicles. Working with a luxury used car dealership may not offer any advantage either. Dealerships do not always offer leasing options on used vehicles, whereas a fleet leasing company is there to ensure you get a custom leasing option every time.

Another reason to consider leasing pre-owned luxury cars is to avoid the impact of depreciation. The simple fact that high-end cars depreciate the most heavily in the first year regardless of make or model. By working with a fleet leasing company, you can off-set this massive hit to your bottom line by leasing used cars that are at least a year old. Your sales team or corporate representatives who look at their luxury company vehicle as an incentive to work for you will still be driving around in a luxury vehicle; you are simply making a smart business decision by considering all the options available.

The biggest advantage to working directly with a fleet leasing company rather than a luxury car dealership is the fact your leasing company most likely has access to a nationwide vendor network from which to find the vehicles you’re looking for. They can do all the legwork involved in sourcing out exactly the type of quality pre-owned luxury vehicles that fit your need and your budget, saving you time and money. Acquisition costs involved in building your fleet can be a huge expense. Dealing direct with a fleet leasing company to secure pre-owned luxury cars can be a smarter option. Understand your options. Visit Jim Peplinski Leasing at

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