Proactive Ordering

by Jim Peplinski   Posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Ordering vehicles at the beginning of the model year is more important now than ever. If you aren’t proactive in your acquisition approach, there is a good chance you will miss out when it comes to adding specific vehicles to your fleet.

What started as an international microchip shortage has forced automakers to slow down on production, creating a high demand for a range of models. Shortages now include tow packages, wheel well liners, sunroofs, and more. Gone are the days when you could count on picking vehicles right off the lot. With continued raw material shortages, factory orders are a must for companies trying to stack their fleet for the coming year.

Proactive ordering is critical when looking towards 2022. It is important to think ahead and give yourself plenty of time when purchasing new vehicles to fill out your fleet. The order banks are closing earlier every year, this year is no exception. In the past, you could order 12 -14 weeks in advance to ensure you get your vehicle in time. Now you need to plan 6-12 months out. Many are forecasting 2022 to be worse than 2021 for availability. We are seeing manufacturers turn off 2022 orders already due to too many orders, and they haven’t even delivered or built a single unit yet. Last-minute acquisitions are no longer an option. Buying stock units off the dealer’s lot will most likely be at full MSRP, if they will sell them to a fleet.

Don’t spend your time worrying about when and how to order. With Jim Peplinski Leasing as your fleet leasing partner, we take care of the details so that you can focus on what matters most…running your business. We keep you up to date on the information that affects your company and can help you make the best ordering decisions so that you have what you need when you need it.

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