Registration Renewals

by Jim Peplinski   Posted on Thursday, August 19, 2021

In the best of times, admin tasks are always a nuisance. In the past year we have experienced, just trying to keep your doors open is enough to require your full attention. That’s why Jim Peplinski Leasing doesn’t just lease you a vehicle, we become your full leasing partner. You focus on running your company and let us take care of the little things…

License plate renewals can be a hassle with a fleet of any size, but we are here to help! We take care of the administrative process on your behalf. At JPL, we have experience renewing vehicle registrations across Canada. Not only can we get the process done quickly, but we also send you timely reminders, so you never forget another renewal again.

Did you know…we can renew your entire fleet? Let us take care of the process for both leased AND non-leased vehicles, where provincial requirements allow. We even consolidate your fees into one, easy to pay bill!

Vehicle downtime costs you money. Partnering together, we can reduce the time any member of your fleet is sitting inactive and SAVE you money.

We do more than just lease you a vehicle. We take care of everything from acquisition to lease end…and many things in between, including the pesky but important plate renewal process!

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