How to Maximize your Lease End Values

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Some companies promise you the world in order to secure your business, then let that relationship slide once they have your signature on a contract. You don’t become a nationally recognized commercial vehicle leasing company by conducting business that way. At Jim Peplinski Leasing, some of the best service you get is when your vehicle leases are coming to an end; that’s when the team at Jim Peplinski Leasing really earns their stripes in commercial vehicle leasing. As your lease draws to a


Three Reasons to Lease Your Fleet Rather than Buy

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Are you a business owner flush with so much cash you don’t know what to do with it, so you just keep buying new vehicles to stock your fleet? If that’s you, you can stop reading. You’re certainly in a unique situation. For those of you looking to maximize resources and save money on your fleet operation, you may want to keep reading to learn more about the benefits of contracting a Canadian leasing company. Vehicle leasing companies provide the kind of services you shouldn’t have someon


The Benefits of Vehicle Leasing for Your Business and Staff

Commercial vehicle leasing

Every day more business leaders are turning to vehicle leasing as a solid option for providing their company with the tools needed to conduct daily operations. Commercial vehicle leasing offers a range of benefits, and many businesses see it as a more viable option than purchasing company vehicles outright. Commercial auto leasing companies offer many different options that are tailored to fit the budgets of companies large and small. If you are looking at acquiring vehicles for your company, h


Why Do Businesses Opt For Commercial Vehicle Leasing Rather Than Buying?

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Buying assets takes money. For businesses on the move, the initial costs of buying an adequate fleet of vehicles rather than opting for commercial vehicle leasing can be astronomical. Not every new or existing business can afford that kind of cash outlay. Commercial car leasing is often the more practical solution. Working with a company like Jim Peplinski Leasing, that understand the ins and outs of commercial fleet management can help manage these costs. Let’s dig a little deeper. Your vehi


Should You Lease Or Finance An Executive Company Vehicle?

When you’ve finally landed in an executive position there should be perks expected besides the inevitable long work hours and high stress levels. For starters, your commercial vehicle leasing options should improve dramatically when you have access to executive vehicles rather than your run of the mill choices from the fleet. However, the lease versus finance question always arises, and understanding the advantages of an executive company car lease can help you make the right decision. When d