A Guide To Lease-End Options

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Letting go – it’s one of the hardest things to do in a relationship. When you’ve travelled a lot of roads together, honouring your commitment while racking up the miles and investing the time for necessary maintenance needed to keep things running smooth, making the decision to say goodbye can be hard. Yes, we’re talking about vehicles here. And how you handle your lease-end options depends on the expertise and offering of the company handling your vehicle leasing. When you’ve contrac


What Branded Vehicles Say About Your Business?

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Your sales team is dressed for success. Your office has slick signage and a lobby that screams professionalism. So what do your vehicles say about your business? Talk to a professional vehicle leasing company about what branded vehicles can say about your business and you might just realize the marketing opportunity your company is missing. Branding is everything in today’s world: if it weren’t there would be no such thing as the Kardashian empire of self-promotion. Branding of your vehicle


When Does Leasing A Used Car Make Sense

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New car smell. Like puppy breath and baby skin, everyone claims to love it. When you’re a company manager looking to save money on vehicle leasing, however, the thing you want to be smelling is a bargain on your leasing requirements. If a car a year old is depreciated by over 30 percent based on usage it can sometimes make sense to lease that car over its brand new equivalent. A good fleet management company can show when leasing pre-owned cars rather than new ones makes sense. Used-car leasi


Understanding the Benefit of Vehicle Remarketing

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You’ve got old or surplus vehicles you need to sell sitting in the yard. The problem is, you’re not exactly the type of business set up to host a “yard sale” to rid yourself of rapidly diminishing assets like unwanted vehicles. When it comes to vehicle remarketing, getting help from a professional vehicle leasing company is one of the best moves you can make to help sell your fleet by marketing it to a potential national audience. The service list of a successful vehicle leasing company