Three Reasons to Lease Your Fleet Rather than Buy

by Jim Peplinski   Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2019

Guide To Lease

Are you a business owner flush with so much cash you don’t know what to do with it, so you just keep buying new vehicles to stock your fleet? If that’s you, you can stop reading. You’re certainly in a unique situation. For those of you looking to maximize resources and save money on your fleet operation, you may want to keep reading to learn more about the benefits of contracting a Canadian leasing company.

Vehicle leasing companies provide the kind of services you shouldn’t have someone in your company doing off the side of their desk; to handle the responsibilities professionally, you need to delegate them to a company that has years of experience in commercial vehicle leasing. Such a company can provide you with all the reasons why leasing your fleet is a better option than buying it. Here are just three of the most obvious reasons.

For starters, a company that is operating a fleet of vehicles knows the expenses involved in buying vehicles up front. There’s a massive cash commitment to buying and depending on the type and number of vehicles required, maybe a significant risk. Working with a Canadian leasing company with a vast network of dealer contacts across the country can help you secure the biggest selection and the best rates, with terms you can live with to help keep your cash flow flexible. Flexibility is also the second reason why working with vehicle leasing companies is a better option than buying. A competent commercial vehicle leasing company can work to get you negotiated discounts on commercial vehicle fleets, simplifying the process of acquiring and managing all your vehicles. They can also manage the process of maintaining vehicles and securing replacement when required to ensure there’s no down-time for your company.

Finally, when it comes to getting rid of your older or unwanted vehicles, working with a nationally recognized preferred seller means you’ve got someone in your corner who knows how to move your used fleet. Maximizing your returns, using multiple channels to market your vehicles to interested prospects or moving them through nationwide auction means your team isn’t spending countless hours trying to facilitate a parking lot sale. A respected Canadian leasing company will handle the process from pick-up to sale, helping you get rid of vehicles you no longer need. Buy your vehicles, and you could wind up doing all that work yourself.

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