Tips For Managing Fuel Spend

by Jim Peplinski   Posted on Friday, November 29, 2019

Tips For Managing Fuel Spend

There is a lot of talk in Canada about pipelines – whether to build them, whether not to build them. One thing is for certain; no one is building a pipeline into your vehicle fleet storage area so you have an endless supply of oil and fuel. Managing your fuel spend is one of the necessary realities of operating a fleet. One of the best ways to get costs under control is through use of a fleet card.

Introducing a fuel saver card into your fleet management process is the first step to reducing your fuel costs. The Shell Fleet Navigator ® card available through Jim Peplinski Leasing is a good example. The fleet navigator card can be used at over 1,350 Shell and Shell Flying J locations, as well as other service station or maintenance locations where MasterCard is accepted. The card helps you control what your drivers purchase and where they purchase it. Rather than being a sign that you’re micro-managing your drivers, implementing the fleet card system actually helps alleviate some of the responsibilities your drivers may have had in determining fuel use. By using the card, you can set limits for use by daily, weekly or monthly amount and also choose when cards be used (for example, the day of the week and the time of day). Putting those parameters on fuel saver card use gives drivers absolute clarity on fuel purchasing.

Putting the cards into action is easy. They are supported by an online station locator through the Shell Mobile App. There is even a dedicated account manager and 24/7 customer service available, so if drivers attempting to fuel up using the fuel saver card have any problem, they know who to call.

Security is of paramount importance when managing fuel for any fleet. The fleet card system incorporates chip and PIN technology to ensure cards can only be used by drivers with proper permissions. You can set up the fuel saver card to ensure you receive email alerts about any suspicious or attempted unauthorized transactions immediately. The Shell Fleet Navigator® card can be instantly blocked if the card is stolen; driver ID validation is also a feature of the fuel saver card program. From an administration perspective, the fleet card program produces clear reports that give users important insights into fuel use that can ultimately improve fleet efficiency and save your company significant dollars. Users can download ready-made management reports or produce customized reports to reflect the information you want to share with drivers when managing your vehicle fleet. Use the information to set limits and restrictions, develop purchasing parameters and much more.

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