Tips for Reducing Fuel Costs

by Jim Peplinski   Posted on Thursday, June 7, 2018

Fuel Costs

Maintaining your vehicle fleet and safety standards for your drivers doesn’t come cheap. While you wouldn’t skimp on servicing or maintaining vehicle integrity, you can save money on fuel. Implement these tips as part of your fleet management plan to make this happen:

Avoid Premium Fuel

Research has shown that for most standard vehicles, like those that you would be dealing with in your fleet management regime, premium fuel offers no better fuel economy than regular gas. Relay this research to your drivers and make sure they always opt to fill up with regular gas, not premium fuel.

Implement Driver Standards of Practice

You can maximize your fleet management when you have all your staff on the same page and integrate regulations and standards of practice for your drivers. In many cases, this successful implementation of your fleet management services can save you money on fuel costs. It may just seem like common sense, but try encouraging these standards of practice for your fleet:

  • Instruct drivers on proper driving techniques, such as not revving the engine, and avoiding excess speeding.
  • Encourage drivers to maintain consistent speed whenever possible, avoiding regularly speeding up and slowing down, and also focusing on driving smoothly.
  • Avoid idling whenever possible, and if sitting for more than one minute, shut off the engine.

Keep on Top of Maintenance

One of the main priorities of implementing long-term fleet management solutions should be executing a consistent maintenance schedule. Keeping your vehicles in top operating shape is a key part of keeping your vehicle’s fuel efficient. Be sure you are using the correct grade of oil and have it changed regularly, as well as replacing spark plugs and fuel filters as per the manufacturer’s service recommendations.

Select the Right Vehicles

Exercise your fleet management authority to make sure you are choosing the right fleet management solutions. If you are simply driving around with clients, there is no need to have large SUVs or trucks. In fact, you can be even more conservative and lead the way with your business by choosing an environmentally-friendly fleet of hybrid vehicles or electric cars.

Collectively, these simple to implement changes and techniques can go a long way in making your fleet more fuel efficient and saving you money on fuel costs. If you are ready to get your hands on the right fleet solution for your company, visit us at Jim Peplinski Leasing, and we are happy to get your team set up and on your way.

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