Tips For Using A Canadian Leasing Company

by jimlive   Posted on Monday, July 31, 2017

Canadian Leasing Company

Not all car leasing companies are created equal. When you identify lease financing and equipment leasing as two important strategies to employ in the operation of your business, there are some tips you should remember to ensure you choose the right leasing company.

For starters, make sure the Canadian leasing company you’re dealing with has plenty of options available to you including open-ended leasing. An open-ended lease provides you with the maximum flexibility possible, ensuring you have a variety of options to choose from at the end of the lease. This should include the opportunity to buy out your leased vehicle, continue with the lease, return and replace it, remarket it, or to sell your leased vehicle to a driver, employee or third party purchaser. Before you enter into a lease financing contract or equipment leasing contract take the time to discuss all the options available.

One you decide leasing is for you, a credible car leasing company should be able to switch gears and assist you in sourcing out the right vehicles for you and your business. That includes new and used vehicles, a variety of makes and models, factory-ordered or stock located vehicles, livery vehicles, US imports and vehicles specialized to your industry. Working with a vehicle leasing company to help manage your vehicle needs – whether you need one truck or an entire fleet – should help maximize your budget and provide you with access to such things as fleet pricing and a fleet management card. When it comes to the leasing of specialized vehicles or equipment required in your industry, look for a Canadian leasing company that has a long track record of providing vehicles to multiple sectors. Supplying vehicles to such industries as oil and gas production companies, livery and ground transportation services, mining and forestry operations, trades and construction companies requires an intimate knowledge of what types of vehicles are required. Experience is key to sourcing “fit for purpose” vehicles for your company to lease.

When you’re ready to start leasing, or need help in remarketing your vehicle fleet, contact a Canadian leasing company with over a quarter century of experience. Contact us at

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