Understanding the Benefit of Vehicle Remarketing

by jimlive   Posted on Thursday, August 31, 2017

vehicle leasing

You’ve got old or surplus vehicles you need to sell sitting in the yard. The problem is, you’re not exactly the type of business set up to host a “yard sale” to rid yourself of rapidly diminishing assets like unwanted vehicles. When it comes to vehicle remarketing, getting help from a professional vehicle leasing company is one of the best moves you can make to help sell your fleet by marketing it to a potential national audience.

The service list of a successful vehicle leasing company should include having vast experience remarketing vehicle fleets through national vehicle auctions. There is no more engaged audience for your fleet of expendable vehicles than the buyers who flock to vehicle auction events or participate in live nation-wide simulcasts looking for used trucks, cars and equipment. By making the auction part of their vehicle remarketing strategy your vehicle leasing company can help save your company both time and money.

The process for bringing your vehicles to auction is surprisingly easy once you decide to utilize the services of a vehicle leasing company. From guaranteed pick-up at your location to finalizing all the details and transfer of documents required to complete the sale, a professional vehicle leasing company should be able to handle every single aspect of your vehicle remarketing and vehicle disposal needs. Before you sign any contract, however, make sure the company you’re considering for your vehicle remarketing strategy has nationwide auction representation; this will ensure your for-sale vehicles will receive maximum exposure the first time through the vehicle auction process. Vehicles that continue to turn up time and time again at auction are far less likely to sell for maximum value, so ensuring you’re vehicle remarketing is conducted right the first time will help you achieve your desired results.

Timing and seasonality are two important things to consider when bringing vehicle fleets to auction, and a professional vehicle leasing company will complete a full analysis of your company’s specific needs before developing its strategy. Only through extensive experience at auction can a company develop the contacts needed and the network required to effectively market your vehicles nationally. Selling off your vehicles takes more strategy than putting an ad in the trades. Hire a professional.

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