Up-Fitting And Aftermarket – Turn Key Ready Trucks

by Jim Peplinski   Posted on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Commercial truck leasing

Many companies rely on commercial truck leasing professionals to help stock and maintain their vehicle fleets. One of the biggest benefits of leasing from well-established truck leasing companies is their ability to deliver turn-key ready trucks that are ready to work!

Tradespeople working in industries such as construction, oil and gas, HVAC and mechanical services, plumbing and electrical all have unique needs when it comes to customizing their vehicles. Buying a vehicle off the dealer lot and then having to spend time and effort up-fitting a vehicle can take a skilled trades person away from what they do best. That’s where commercial truck leasing companies can help.

Truck leasing companies like Jim Peplinski Leasing understand the unique needs of tradespeople when it comes to vehicles, and they can take care of the entire process involved in securing the right vehicle, from beginning to end. Up-fits can be as simple as shelving and ladder racks or involve very specific retrofits to accommodate a specific need. Either way, one call to a leasing company like Jim Peplinski Leasing is all that is required to secure the right vehicle, with the right aftermarket for your company needs.

Leasing a vehicle that isn’t 100 percent ready for the job means there’s a vehicle in your fleet that’s costing you money, rather than making you money. Your leasing company should be able to secure the vehicle you want, offer you recommendations and handle all the logistics involved in getting that vehicle up-fitted and properly branded. What you want to avoid is having to pull drivers off jobs to move your leased vehicles around, so they can be properly branded and upfitted with the necessary aftermarket additions you need. With one simple phone call you should be able to rest easy knowing you just arranged deliver of a turn-key ready vehicle for your operation.

Whether you need a commercial truck in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto or anywhere in Canada, a professional truck leasing company should have access to a broad network of dealerships and vendors, which opens the market for available vehicles and aftermarket options from which to choose. They should also employ a team of leasing professionals who can coordinate all the logistics involved in having your vehicle customized for the needs of your industry. Working with a vehicle leasing company can save you time, and help you avoid delegating such responsibilities to someone on your payroll not fully qualified to be coordinating the acquisition of your aftermarket vehicles.

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