What Branded Vehicles Say About Your Business?

by Jim Peplinski   Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2018

branded vehicles

Your sales team is dressed for success. Your office has slick signage and a lobby that screams professionalism. So what do your vehicles say about your business? Talk to a professional vehicle leasing company about what branded vehicles can say about your business and you might just realize the marketing opportunity your company is missing.

Branding is everything in today’s world: if it weren’t there would be no such thing as the Kardashian empire of self-promotion. Branding of your vehicle fleet, especially service vehicles, is a critical component of your marketing mix. Why would you not take advantage of a fleet of rolling billboards hitting potential customers every time they leave the parking lot? A professional fleet leasing company is a welcome ally in helping you capitalize on the opportunity.

When you work with a professional commercial vehicle leasing company they can coordinate all the work involved in getting your vehicles branded; they’ll work with your company to develop an approved look for your commercial fleet, then oversee the production and installation so you can get your branded vehicles on the road and promote your company. Vehicle leasing is easy when you work with a fleet leasing professional, and so is the branding process. With one call to your fleet leasing company, you can wind up with branded ready-to-work vehicles delivered directly to your door. All the costs involved will be capitalized in the lease, giving you cost certainty with one quick and easy payment.

Your branded vehicles create an impression of your business. Whether you get a full wrap, decals, a custom paint job or simply magnetic signage you can use when the vehicles are in service, branding your vehicle is simply a smart move. So is working with a commercial vehicle leasing company who can take you through every step of the process involved in stocking your fleet with branded vehicles. At the end of their usefulness, your vehicle leasing company can also take care of your aftermarket needs, coordinating the removal of your branding and the sale of your used vehicle fleet. Learn more. Visit Jim Peplinski Leasing at http://www.jimpeplinski.ca/.

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