Why Do Businesses Opt For Commercial Vehicle Leasing Rather Than Buying?

by Jim Peplinski   Posted on Thursday, May 24, 2018

Commercial Vehicle Leasing

Buying assets takes money. For businesses on the move, the initial costs of buying an adequate fleet of vehicles rather than opting for commercial vehicle leasing can be astronomical. Not every new or existing business can afford that kind of cash outlay. Commercial car leasing is often the more practical solution. Working with a company like Jim Peplinski Leasing, that understand the ins and outs of commercial fleet management can help manage these costs. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Your vehicle fleet is a critical component of your business. That could mean you’re providing cars to a team of sales people, or scheduling a fleet of delivery vehicles driven by a rotating crew of staff. Regardless of what type of vehicles you need, choosing commercial car leasing over outright purchase is a smart idea. For starters, you avoid the massive cash investment required to purchase the vehicles. When you work with an experienced commercial fleet management company, you also save time; their team of knowledgeable staff can do all the legwork required in completing the acquisition process. They can search through their dealer networks to find you exactly the right vehicles for your needs. Then they can negotiate the best leasing options for your budget. Commercial fleet leasing gives you the flexibility you need to structure your budget in a way for you to have cost certainty from month to month. You can also plan ahead for the inevitable rotation of your used vehicle fleet; your commercial car leasing company can help you find the right remarketing channel, to get rid of old or redundant vehicles.

Businesses opt for commercial vehicle leasing rather than buying because it makes great business sense. When you lease your vehicles, working with a commercial fleet management company, you wind up with a seamless process; your leasing partner can develop a custom strategy tailored to your business, and seek out diverse products your staff may not be able to access, should they be tasked with the responsibility of acquiring your fleet. Your commercial car leasing partner can also negotiate discounts on commercial vehicle fleets and customized lease solutions, due in part to the volume of business they do with vehicle providers. It’s really a one-stop option for securing your vehicles, whether you’re looking for commercial truck leasing, accessible vehicles or simple sedans. From asset financing to remarketing, a commercial vehicle leasing company can provide a variety of solutions for your needs.

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