Highlights of our fleet program include:


You want to reduce vehicle downtime and lower expenses. Commercial fleet management companies helps you optimize your fleet leasing processes without taking time away from what matters, growing your business.

We provide cost fleet management solutions saving solutions such as reducing acquisition costs and implementing cycling policies that allow you to streamline your expenses. Proper implementation can help you save money, move quickly and efficiently, as well as save you the stress of handling logistics in house.

We have a team of experts in fleet management in Canada, providing solutions and open ended leases specifically tailored to your business. Never providing a cookie cutter solution, we work with your team to understand your current situation, and provide actionable tools and strategies to help you build for a better future. With our focus on high communication, we keep you informed through every step of the fleet management process. Whether focused on increased efficiency, sustainability, or the bottom line, we have the right plan for your business.

Jim Peplinski Leasing has become the premier choice for fleet management services to companies across Canada. With over 25 years of industry experience, working with our team of Canadian fleet experts is the right choice for your business.